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All pic doesn't show in my screen only word, help

Hey, i've been playing this game quite a lot it's been 2 month i play the game in this site. The html game is my favorite game, especially a spell for all i kinda get attach to that game. So its all good for quite some time i play the game but recently(about 2 or 3 days ago) there is a problem like the image won't showed up and i can't acces the game walktrough through help option. Yesterday the whole server image started to gone and all i can see only text or image name and now its getting worse i can't even play anything in the game its all only white and no picture only picture name and words only. This problem only happen in gamcore.com other website work just fine, is there anything wrong with my device ? How can i fix it ?

George , 11.04.2019, 13:07
Response from the site administrator
Gamcore, 11.04.2019
First, please try another browser, perhaps it is because of recent changes in adblock.
Also, please send us your IP (both ipv4 and ipv6) here, so we can investigate the network route between our servers and your IP.
Thank you.
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George, 12.04.2019, 10:47
I only use google chrome though, because it has browsec extension app which allow me to acess the website. If i acess the site without it i can't open it because blocked by my country network. If i use another browser does it also can be installed by browsec ? Because if it can't it will be useless and about Ip address can i send it somewhere by email perhaps because it's too public here and how do you check your ip address ? Cause honestly i don't know.
Thank You
Gamcore, 12.04.2019, 11:01
Okay, let's stay to Chrome Browser with enabled Browsec.

First, make sure you can visit page https://fgn.cdn.serverable.com/ and check if it can be open?
Then, if yes, then add this domain fgn.cdn.serverable.com to Smart Settings in Browsec extension app and make it always ON with some neutral country like Netherlands.

By the way, which country are you from? Where Gamcore is blocked?
Because we have visitors from all over the world, even from North Korea.
George, 13.04.2019, 03:19
Thanks for the suggestion unfortunately i can't access that website it says the page isn't working although im using the Netherland, Singapore and United Kingdom, does it mean a bad sign ?. By the way, i'm from Indonesia its kinda hard here every single porn site is either blocked or can't be accesed and in need of either webunblocker or webanonymizer to open it. Somehow the goverment want google to automaticaly turned on the safesearch and it can't be turned off. Sorry for the trouble but is there any other way to access it again ?.
Thank You
Gamcore, 13.04.2019, 06:41
Hi George, we have tried everything from our end and we cannot replicate your issue.
Looks like there is something with Browsec configuration in Chrome.
Please try to install fresh version of Firefox and then Browsec plugin for Firefox

Let me know the result please
george, 13.04.2019, 12:58
It works, thank you very much for the help. It works and not too lagy even though i lose all my save file but its better than unable to play the game at all , i'll make sure to create an account in the website also i kinda sure i won't be able to visit the website anymore. Once again thank you so much.

Best Regard,


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