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Updating “a new dawn” to 1.6.1 by any chance?

Just wondering how constantly do some of the RPG Games get updated some seem to be buggy/broken..
I’m not sure if it’s the creator of the game or just older versions that haven’t been updated. Also when would the new version of a new dawn 1.6.1 by whiteraven be uploaded. Kind of new to this website and I very much enjoy it so far :)

Lostsince_00 , 01.04.2019, 23:55
Idea status: completed


Gamcore, 02.04.2019, 11:45
got the 1.6.0 ;)
Lostsince_00, 03.04.2019, 05:16
Sorry to bother again. I seen some comments of people having issues with 1.6.0 and wondering if 1.6.1 can be added well I think I found 1.6.1 https://rapidgator.net/file/6f7c0796e2b0ad7d45ba8ecd86d67e17/data-patch-1.6.1.zip.html Or https://fboom.me/file/70d9fae397767
Lostsince_00, 03.04.2019, 05:32
https://rapidgator.net/folder/5009694/ANewDown.html?site=spicyandventures.com Or https://fboom.me/folder/eff052447ea5b/ANewDown
Gamcore, 03.04.2019, 08:26
thank you, updated

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