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How do I load a saved game, as its not letting me?

In the game, making of a slut, it lets me save the game and load it if I leave the window open. If I exit out of the Internet, of Google, the game starts over from the beginning and I have no saved files to load . How do I load a saved game after exiting the window, google?

Workdangit , 11.03.2019, 00:08
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Workdangit, 11.03.2019, 07:02
I have attempted to save it with Safari, Google and Google Chrome but all of them failed to save the game upon reentry into the browser.
Workdangit, 11.03.2019, 07:23
I tried another random game called, sissy adventures and it had the same problem with the save files. I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

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