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i would like to stop getting JScoinminer download 8 alerts from your website

my norton anti virus alerts everytime i load your website. is your site infected?

me , 24.12.2018, 16:28
Idea status: in process


Gamcore, 24.12.2018, 20:55
Dear visitor, could you please specify what browser and what exactly page is causing this alert?
We have urgently checked all gamcore.com website in order to find any virus, but we found none.
Norton Antivirus gave us the highest rate possible:

Please help us to detect malicious game or banner.
me, 24.12.2018, 23:44
when attempting to load leisure yacht, for one. i have not gone through all your games.
Gamcore, 25.12.2018, 20:19
Dear visitor, we have tried everything to detect virus, but we failed to do so.
Is it possible for you to send us a screenshot with error to email "info at fgn dot me"
Or simply ask antivirus to reevaluate gamcore.com

Thank you.
Gamcore, 05.05.2019, 21:18
The issue will marked as resolved, if within 72 hours nobody will provide a replication of error via screenshot.

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