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A user labeled "FreeLinkGiver" is spamming the comments of your games with malware.

In the comments of random games, there's a user named FreeLinkGiver (Among others) spamming links to apparent malware sites.

lezlut , 04.12.2018, 05:09
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lezlut, 07.12.2018, 02:55
I thought I saw some get deleted, but they're still at it. Hopefully not too many get hurt by them.
orhun123, 13.12.2018, 12:48
Gamcore, 18.12.2018, 19:47
Yeah, we clean that mess of that MF on the daily basis.
Just ignore those comments.
Also I would recommend never open anything that is possessed that way, with dozens of (dot) (slash) and anything like that. It will probably be a paysite or spam.

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