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Apparently, informer (this website) cut my suggestions. So I'll keep it simple here. New tags: Open World, Sandbox, RPG Maker. New feature: advanced search (searching for multiple tags and ignoring others)

Posting the suggestions again, but simplifying.

Sleet , 31.10.2018, 03:33
Idea status: completed


Gamcore, 18.12.2018, 19:45
Ohh, sorry for such a late reply. Yes, we added most of these tags as well as many other. But it takes lot of time to go through all old games and re-tag all games. But we'll definitely do that.
Thank you.
Advanced search cuming as well )))
Gamcore, 24.12.2018, 15:29
Advanced Search is completed, you can use it here: http://gamcore.com/search

In order to search for some specific tag only, use tag: prefix, e.g. tag:quiz
In order to exclude or ignore games with some specific tag, use -tag: prefix, e.g. -tag:christmas
You can also search by multiple tags, for example: tag:quiz -tag:christmas
Keep in mind, when prefixes are used, all whitespaces must be replaced with _ (underscore), e.g. tag:skill_based

Feel the difference
http://gamcore.com/search?q=tag%3Arpg maker

First result page will contain only games with rpg_maker tag
While second search will show games with tag RPG and maker text in title or descriptions.

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