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the game altered heroines is not functioning

I don't know if it is just me or what but it gets to where the title screen is supposed to be and there's an error screen
jay, 02.01.2019, 03:41
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is it normal that when i try to upload a game the captcha expire and nothing happen?

the void club, 23.12.2018, 18:37
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Updating “a new dawn” to 1.6.1 by any chance?

Just wondering how constantly do some of the RPG Games get updated some seem to be buggy/broken.. I’m not sure if it’s the creator of the game or just older versions that haven’t been updated. Also when would the new version of a new dawn...
Lostsince_00, 01.04.2019, 23:55
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All pic doesn't show in my screen only word, help

Hey, i've been playing this game quite a lot it's been 2 month i play the game in this site. The html game is my favorite game, especially a spell for all i kinda get attach to that game. So its all good for quite some time i play the game but...
Response from the site administrator
Gamcore, 11.04.2019
First, please try another browser, perhaps it is because of recent changes in adblock.
Also, please send us your IP (both ipv4 and ipv6) here, so we can investigate the network route between our servers and your IP.
Thank you.
George, 11.04.2019, 13:07
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each day I received notifications from your sites and I never subscribe to that kind of site. it is always written hookup can you stop sending me that

each day I received notification to your site and I did not and never subscribe to this. can you stop sending me that. it is always written hookup.
jacques perreault, 22.12.2018, 16:35
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this guy stole your domain gamcoree dot com

this guy stole a similar domain gamcoree dot com
Jon, 16.05.2019, 14:34
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How do I cancel my subscription

How do I cancel my subscription
Chip Ray, 25.05.2019, 20:35
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Business Proposition

We would like to purchase an article post, contextual link or a hard link in your site. Our article will have with 1-2 do follow links going to an Adult website guide blog. Around 300-400 words. Is it possible? If yes, how much do you charge?
Response from the site administrator
Gamcore, 07.07.2019
We do not sell any articles.
Also, for business props please contact us via email
info at fgn dot me.
Please keep in mind, that we read all emails, but we answer only on interesting offers and ideas.
Emmanual, 07.07.2019, 09:36

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